Linwood No More -  August and October 2014


August - The Edinburgh International Fringe 2014. TheSpaceUK @ Dury's Inn, 8th floor, Jackson Street, (off Royal Mile down Carruthers close). Show daily at 4pm.

October - The Tron in Glasgow. October 2014 Wed 8th through Saturday 11thSynopsis

"It is the year 2000, almost 20 years since the Chrysler car factory closed, devastating the town of Linwood near Paisley. One of the 9,000 left jobless  - now a homeless alcoholic - awkens to the new millenium and looks back fondly to happier times as a worker in the factory in 1965. He tells his story with warmth and humour and reflects on events that changed his life forever."

The play,  written by Paul Coulter and directed by Liz Carruthers, stars Vincent Freill.


Vincent Freill needs no introduction to many Scottish film, television and theatre fans. Vincent is best known for his leading role of Wolf Man in the 1985 Cult Scottish movie Restless Natives. Vincent also appeared alongside Mark McManus in Killer (1982), the very first Taggart movie before it was even called Taggart. Vincent would pop up another two times throughout the award winning show's 30 year run. Other notable TV appearances include Still Game and playing Diane's dad, alongside Kelly McDonald and Ewan McGreggor in Danny Boyles ground breaking Scottish movie, Trainspotting (1995). More recently Vincent appeared in Ken Loach's Angels Share. We are delighted that Vincent has accepted the leading role in the stage production of Linwood No More.