Ideas Bank


Although most of our work has been and will be, either commissioned or produced in house, we are always open to ideas from writers or artists.

Please do not send any unsolicited scripts but do contact us in the first instance by email, to disucss an idea and if we like it, we can arrange a meeting to discuss it further.

Simple, theatre drama productions with a Scottish theme are our preferred type of script.

Theatre Production

We are happy to act as producers for freelance professional theatre directors / actors who may have a good idea and or funding but no production company in place.  Please contact us to arrange a meeting or discuss a proposal.

Film and Television (and radio)

We no longer produce short films, however we are always interested in discussing adaptions of our work for film and television. Please contact us with any ideas or to discuss a proposal in the first instance.


Always happy to hear from professional Scottish based actors. We prefer all our cast members to be registered with Equity. We can't always promise to get back to actors but we are happy to hear from actors interested in working with us. If we don't know you are out there then we'll never cast you. Please only contact us by email.